Inclusive casting, dedicated to inspiring and nurturing new talent since 2014


Inclusive casting, dedicated to inspiring and nurturing new talent since 2014


Fay Shumsey Grande

Casting Director

Fay was born into a half Jewish, half Italian household in the early 80s. As a young girl, her favorite activity was watching television shows and movies over and over from a VHS recording.  It was then that she fell in love with commercials and can still recite many to this day - in hindsight, she could have just fast forwarded.

Many years later, Fay started working for award winning production company, Hungry Man, as an intern and the nostalgia of her childhood became a reality.  Eventually she proved that she could use her judgmental ways for good by finding fresh faces and discovering new talent and was promoted to in-house casting director.

After a couple of years of casting many notable Super Bowl commercials and industry-defining campaigns, she struck out on her own and founded Fay Erin Casting. After a few years, she missed collaborating with a partner (and having someone who can reach things on high shelves, she’s only 4’11”). She decided to partner up with someone extraordinary and tall.  Enter David Morris (5’10” on a good day).

In September of 2014, they formed Grande/Morris Casting. The pride and joy she feels grows each day.

Fay currently resides in midtown Manhattan with her husband and daughter, Evie. They are the tops and have made her life complete, even though Evie’s favorite phrase is “skip the ad, Mom!”

David Morris

Casting Director

Originally from Rochester, NY, David was in a print ad at the tender age of 3 which spurred a lifelong love of commercials.

Until age 8, he thought commercials featured people who “worked at those places,” to which his Mom said “no, those are actors.” So little David decided he must continue on his journey to understand everything he could about this mystical world.

After graduating from NYU Tisch, (where he learned some stuff but mostly discovered how to roll around on the floor pretending to be snow), he apprenticed at Telsey + Company.

His apprenticeship quickly turned into a full time position in the Commercial department, working with both established, award winning directors on major campaigns as well as up-and-coming directors on their first gig.

After 5 years, he decided to make a better life for his then cat, Donut (RIP) and join forces with Fay. They shared a love of 80s movies and pizza, but also worked organically together to find the best talent for each and every project.

In September 2014, they formed Grande/Morris Casting and have been thrilled with the collaboration. They currently cast commercials, both with actors and real people, as well as film.

David lives in Brooklyn with his wife and their 2 young kids, who make him laugh, cry, and smile more than any commercial.